by Main Man



beats and raps


released October 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Main Man Chicago, Illinois

It all started at the barber shop. Making beats for battle rappers that challenged each other. Then I ran across this magazine that specialized in studio equipment. A couple of friends became producers, I studied them and what equipment I needed to teach my self how to produce music myself for any occasion.I saved them until I joined band camp now I see a bright future, and my dreams unfolding . ... more

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Track Name: UUUUUUOOOOOooooo!!! (REMIX)
I write Boss niggaz
because i dont talk niggaz
i toss niggaz that's
not from the porch niggaz
cause i can teach or scorch niggaz
I'm fast like Porsche niggaz
I will New York niggaz
flood you until you come up short niggaz
then keep sending you obituaries
until you pay the cost niggaz
it will be a wake niggaz
before i take a lost niggaz
unless it was all my fault niggaz
i double floss niggaz
why they try to double cross niggaz
I'm sort of fed up keep your head up
is what i was taught niggaz
I'm dope that's already been bought niggaz
cuz I'm a hawk niggaz
i fuck with claw niggaz
i'm so raw niggaz
that free condoms turn me off
that's why i shop at malls niggaz
why call niggaz if they gonna
i rather stalk niggaz
until i peep the vault niggaz
when I'm in the chi niggaz
I'm a hot dog niggaz
with grilled onions
and mustard sauce niggaz
don't watch me
watch the law niggaz
before i break you off niggaz
we handle business in U-haul niggaz
until it's time for the players ball
Then we gone niggaz
Gat damn Main Mann go off on niggaz
you better halt niggaz
you a shake it
I last like a malt niggaz
when hoes see my dick they take off their own panties
and pop their bra niggaz
and pull off my draws niggaz
now that's all